More Students from Brazil to Study at Georgia State

Georgia State University has been accepted as a host institution for Brazil’s Science Without Borders program, paving the way for more students from that country to come to GSU for school.

Under the program, the Brazilian government pays to send its students to U.S. universities for one year.

The goal is for Brazil to send 100,000 of its best students to America’s best universities to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics and then for the students to return home to complete their degrees.

“This ambitious initiative aims at strengthening Brazil’s capability to compete in this century, in which innovation will play such a crucial role,” said Consul-General of Brazil Hermano Telles Ribeiro. “Partnering with American institutions, such as GSU, which offers strong coursework in some of the main fields of the program, will undoubtedly be of paramount importance to achieve the ambitious goals set forth by President Dilma Rousseff.”

The program will give GSU a significant leg up on recruiting students from Brazil, a country that the university has targeted for engagement because of its explosive economic growth.

International students must pay full out-of-state tuition. For GSU, that helps the bottom line. But for many prospective students, the cost is simply too high.

“This will definitely be a big boost for us because it solves one of the main problems international students have, which is affording tuition,” said Earl Picard, director of strategic planning and development in the Office of International Initiatives.

The program also furthers Georgia State’s goal of becoming more international.

“I firmly believe that the growing presence of Brazilian students will sustain GSU’s efforts to increase its international exposure,” Ribeiro said. “Furthermore, Brazilian and American students will have an opportunity not only for mutual cultural enrichment but also to be able to network in the future, thanks to the social media revolution we are all witnessing.”